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One of the best things about moving to a city is the crazy amount of things going on all the time. I’ve been fortunate to have some really great opportunities this summer surrounding sports…and sports stadiums. My first trip to Nat’s stadium this summer wasn’t exactly to see the Nationals. Instead, I saw Taylor Swift and fan girl’d HARD. It was incredible and I HIGHLY suggest that if you get a chance to see her live, do it.

Taylor Swift's 1989 tour.

Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour.

Next, I was invited to the Barcelona v. Chelsea soccer game with a fellow Dickinson Family and it was also sweet. Who can really complain about seeing Messi and Piqué running around a field? Exactly.

Barca v. Chelsea

Barca v. Chelsea


And finally, there’s no better way to wrap up the summer than a night out at a ball game. This time, I went to Nat’s stadium to actually see the Nationals play (and beat!) the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Nationals beat the Diamondbacks!

Nationals beat the Diamondbacks!




Though none of these activities were technically free, we did find some awesome free things to do around D.C. One of our favorites, and a place where a lot of us Dickinson Interns would hang out was at Jazz in the Garden. JITG takes place in the Sculpture Garden right next to the National Mall. It’s always packed with 20-somethings, picnic blankets, and tons of sangria – a great way to cool off from a long week at the office.

Another awesome site we found compiled a list of all of the outdoor movies playing across the city. You would be amazed at how you can basically see a movie (and a lot of new releases!) every night of the week. Stay tuned to hear about my last week in the office!


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