How Did I Get Here?

As my internship begins to wind down and the final weeks approach, I thought that I would take a moment to explain how I was fortunate enough to secure my summer internship.

At the end of the fall semester, I went into my Italian advisor and at the time teacher, Professor Luca Lanzilotta’s office to take my final oral exam for Italian 201.  After I had completed the exam, we discussed studying abroad in Bologna next year and he asked me what my plans were for the summer and if I would be interested in an Italian internship.  I told him that I was thinking about an internship but had not looked into an Italian one specifically.  He then explained to me how living in a big city like Chicago, there was a chance for me to work at  one of the branches of the Italian Chamber of Commerce, and went on to tell me about one of his past students who interned for the chamber in Houston, TX.  I told him that I was interested and would discuss it more with him and my parents after winter break.

Professor Lanzilotta continued to help me apply, interview, and ultimately secure my internship with the IACC.  He communicated with my supervisor via phone and email, and helped me set up an interview in early March during my spring break.  Throughout my application process, he frequently checked in on me to see how everything was going and always encouraged me to let him know if I needed help or had any questions.  In addition, he had told me about the possibility of receiving a grant for my unpaid internship, which are made possible by generous donations from Dickinson alumni and donors.  I submitted my application as soon as I had found out that I had gotten the internship, and was fortunate enough to receive a stipend to cover my food and transportation expenses.

I am incredibly grateful to Professor Lanzilotta, the Internship Notation Program staff at Dickinson, and the various donors who contribute to the program and allow students like myself to receive grants for unpaid internships.  Because of them, I am able to have a meaningful internship experience without having to stress too much about money.


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