Last Days

My time at the beautiful IACC has sadly come to an end!  After the busy months of May and June, where I spent much of my time planning and working big events, July has been filled with smaller and shorter projects such as helping with the re-design of the organization’s website.

I feel incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity to intern with a nonprofit that merges both of my academic interests, English and Italian,  in my hometown of Chicago, IL.  My co-workers are all very excited for me to study abroad in Bologna, Italy this coming semester, and have emphasized that should I need advice on anything to contact them anytime.

Thank you to the IACC, the INP staff at Dickinson, the donors who made my internship grant possible, and to Professor Lanzilotta for helping me secure this internship in the first place.  I have had a wonderful experience and hope that as the first Dickinson intern at the IACC in Chicago, I can act as a resource for future students looking to merge their career interests with their study of Italian.

Posing with the new IACC logo in front of our “photo booth” station of the office

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