A Little Cultural Glimpse, featuring One “Pièce”

April 30, 2013

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A cup of coffee, a bag of papaya slices, grilled corn, three lollipops….what do all these snacks have in common? Well, I’ll tell you: You can buy them each for one pièce, which is the Cameroonian-slang for 100 CFA (roughly 20 cents). These pièces are our best friends in Cameroon, being the on-the-go snackers that we are. While the pace of every day life here is different from fast, efficiency-focused pace at home in the U.S., this is definitely an intriguing cultural aspect—quick and cheap food available on the side of the road for passers-by, children on their way to school, and commuters who want to grab a snack as they move to and from destinations. For example, a taxi drivers may pull over next to someone selling meat on a stick (soya), motion to the vendor that he wants a soya, hand him a pièce through the car window, and then continue driving. I suppose you could call it the “fast food” of Cameroon. From slices of juicy pineapple to banana-leaf-wrapped nkoki, these delicious snacks are just a pièce away. Below are a few photos of some of our usual snack stops in Bafoussam:

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