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December 13, 2012

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-By Grace Lange

Our partner company, UTATMSI, is primarily known for its coffee sales. But we wanted to elaborate a little more on the scope of the products they sell, as it is relevant to their sustainability efforts. Along with coffee, UTAMTSI also sells tea, groundnuts, beans, ginger, artwork, and dried fruits. All of these products come from Cameroonian villages and are sold in Europe. By selling many different products, UTAMTSI encourages the Cameroonian farmers to plant other crops along with coffee, a much more sustainable practice.

Let me explain.

In short, farms that only plant one crop, known as monoculture, deplete the soil more quickly. Soon the soils will become infertile and erode. With many different types of crops, known as polyculture, the soils are able to replenish themselves. This allows for farmers to plant on the same soil year after year (learn more about polyculture here)

Some of UTAMTSI’s products (featured left to right): at left, ginger; in the center, dried fruits; at right, roasted coffee.

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