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December 27, 2012

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Now that we’ve dived into our volunteer work with UTAMTSI/GIC SONDASON, we’re going to be referring to a lot of different villages, cities, towns and regions in Cameroon. Even for us, the names can be a little overwhelming; so we thought a post to get everyone geographically oriented would be a nice edition. Soon you’re going to be hearing a lot about these places called Bafoussam, Fondjomekwet, Foumbot, and so forth. Hopefully, you’ll find these images useful.*

We started in Yaoundé, Cameroon’s official capital (indicated by the star on the image above). Cameroon is about the size of California; and it takes about 4-5 hours to get from Yaoundé to Bafoussam by bus.


GIC SONDASON’s headquarters, and the ‘Roots home base, is in Bafoussam, the capital of the West region. An aerial image can be seen in the image above.


The rural village of Fondjomekwet is located southwest of Bafoussam (see the image above). Many of our projects will take place in this village. We’ll also be teaching English and (hopefully) starting a community garden at the local high school. The micro-financing and organic agriculture projects will take the ‘Roots Team to many of the agrarian communities scattered throughout the West.


* Images found on-line.

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