Women Supporting Women: Our VT Fundraiser

October 24, 2012

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-By Grace Lange

The season of ‘Roots fundraisers is officially over. Two weeks ago, I put on our last fundraiser, which was in my home state of Vermont.  Women of Wisdom (WOW), a group of 14 women leaders in town, hosted the fundraiser. The WOW group’s mission is to help “support arts, education, health, social services, women’s issues, and the environment within [their] community.”

‘Roots team member Grace Lange and her parents in their brand new ‘Roots t-shirts

Since they heard about our work with women and the environment a few months back, they have been more than supportive: they have given ‘Roots a $500 grant and offered to host, advertise, and provide food for a fundraiser.

In attendance at the fundraiser were many faces I hadn’t seen in years! There were local store owners, young new mothers, and many old family friends. All-in-all there were about 30 people who came. I gave a 10 minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of really good questions from the audience. We raised about $1,400 through donations and purchases of our new t-shirts! It was so great to feel supported by my home community, thank you all for coming and a huge thank you to the WOW group for hosting us!

Video feature: 10 minute clip of Grace Lange’s presentation at the fundraiser in Vermont. (Apologies in advance for the sound and video quality, the footage was taken using a digital camera).

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  1. Beth – October 24, 2012

    You have done a wonderful job for an important cause. Keep up the good work!

  2. Martha – October 26, 2012

    Oh LOVE that this is here. Now if only I can figure out how to post it on MY facebook page, that would be GREAT!!!

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