John Bear Junior was born on May 2nd, 1891, and was one of 7 children by John Bear Senior and Julia Bear. Although there is conflicting documentation about the time periods of his academic attendance before attending the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, I will do my best to state the institutions rather than the periods of attendance. John Bear Jr attended the Red Cliff Day School, but left to attend the Haskell Institute in Lawrence Kansas roughly between 1900-1906. He was allegedly released from the school when his term expired, and did not enroll in any form of documented education until 1907, when he attended Hayward Training School in Hayward, Wisconsin.  All of the previously mentioned schools were specifically “Indian Schools”, or schools solely for Native American students. John Bear was enrolled at an agency school in his hometown in La Pointe, Wisconsin between 1908-1913. Following his enrollment, his mother completed an application to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, and he began his enrollment in early 1914.

On April 20th John Bear Junior sneaked into Carlisle alongside another student, Joe Muggins, and according to each of their court-martials, both had “criminal intercourse” with a white woman, Hazel Myers, who John Bear would pay a dollar for each tryst. Both boys were found guilty, and John Bear was reported to be a “bad egg”, both for his “constantly disregarding school rules”, and his apparent continuous relations with Hazel Myers.

On April 21st, 1914, John Bear Jr was court-martialed by the Carlisle Indian School, and on May 8th he was expelled. It was reported that he was kept at the guardhouse at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School and used to testify in a court case. He was released by the Carlisle Indian School on June 10, 1914, reportedly sent back to Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Following his return to Bayfield, the only documentation of John Bear was his registration card for the first World War. There is no concrete information about his life following his enlistment, although there are reports of a John Bear living a life with a wife and child in Bayfield, Wisconsin, there is not enough decisive information on if that John Bear and John Bear Junior are one and the same.

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