I’m excited to be able to intern with Redbook/Good Housekeeping/Woman’s Day on Fridays because it will give me an opportunity to have exposure to more editorial work.  These three magazines (plus a couple others..) work together in the same office in Hearst Tower, so whatever I help pitch, write, research, edit, transcribe, etc. could contribute toward any of these three publications.  Other than completing a few stereotypical intern tasks such as packaging boxes of books they were done using to donate and updating a Hearst Directory excel sheet with emails and titles of Hearst employees for one of the managing editors.  A large part of my day I spent researching products for a back-to-school issue.  Most importantly though, was having a discussion with my supervisor, who helped brief me on some important editorial lingo after walking me through their story database.  Here are a few words I came into contact with when I was given my first assignment:

TK- latin for “to come”, a place-holder for writing or progress that still needs to be completed

FOB/BOB- front/back of book; the short, usually one-page stories and pieces that are in the front of a magazine, and sometimes on the last page or two as well.

Spread- a story that is uninterrupted by ads

EOD- end of day (my due date for most things)