This was my last week at HGTV, and I’ve absolutely loved having a creative and logistical internship.  My boss gave me some really fun Christmas tasks to work on involving matching wrapping papers with ribbons for a photo shoot, and I had to tie up a lot of loose ends with PR representatives I was mid-transaction with before I left.  But the best part about this week was seeing some of my hard work from the summer be put into action.

On Wednesday I had to go to the Container Store to pick out tons of different sized gift boxes that were to be used for a Christmas photo shoot coming up.  It took me a long time to locate all the specific sizes we needed, I was rushing to get back to the office before a meeting I wanted to sit in on, and I ended up having an entire cart full of items I needed to lug onto the subway back to work.  When I was checking out, not in the greatest mood, it was kind of cool to see our latest issue of HGTV magazine with my name in it on the rack where I was unloading all the boxes.  Somehow it made my annoying task seem like it was worth a little bit more.

The magazine on display while I was running an errand for the photo shoot

The magazine on display while I was running an errand for a photo shoot   


The most gratifying thing to see this week was seeing the story I have been working a lot on be put into a mock-up.  Below are pictures I took of the original mock-ups with notes written all over it from a meeting with my boss.  It’s so cool to see everything that started from my initial research and presentation boards be put into a spread that looks like what it’ll sort of look like when the November issue is published.  Since I’m leaving before I’ll get to see my work put into final layout, it’ll be such a great surprise to see the published issue with my work in it, especially since I really experienced first hand all the work that went into each stage of the story’s production and all the logistical work I did behind the scenes to obtain credit and photo information from each individual paint and product used.

Overall, my experience at HGTV gave me a ton of insight into all that’s involved in the world of magazine publishing.