HGTV Week 10- Hard Work for Something

This was my last week at HGTV, and I’ve absolutely loved having a creative and logistical internship.  My boss gave me some really fun Christmas tasks to work on involving matching wrapping papers with ribbons for a photo shoot, and… Continue Reading →

HGTV Week 9- Collaboration

The story I’ve been working on was in its next stages this week.  Once the creative part was mostly approved, I dropped temporary images of all the products we are using onto the magazine’s server so that the Art Director… Continue Reading →

HGTV Week 8- Preparing for What’s Next

Amid another very busy week, I had my last intern meeting, this time with Assistant and Acting Managing Editors to discuss all things Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviews, and first impressions.  At least in magazine publishing, managing editors are the ones… Continue Reading →

HGTV Week 7- It’s a Match

Between an intern meeting with the Home and Market departments, runs to an off-site studio space where we are shooting our new upcoming cover, the opportunity to sit in on a meeting with my boss and the creators of a… Continue Reading →

HGTV Week 6- The Palette of My Commute

I had a very tame week because out of my two primary task-givers, one was away at a cover shoot for the magazine in Minnesota, and the other was moving her location within the office (Food Network Magazine is moving… Continue Reading →

HGTV Week 5- So That’s What It’s For

I had a shortened week, due to the Fourth of July, which was filled with lots of rushing around trying to get piles of boxes packed, labeled, and shipped to an off-site photoshoot; I had to keep track of all… Continue Reading →

HGTV Week 4- Self-Direction

Because next week is a holiday week and also shipping week (the last week before the entire issue has to be finalized and sent to the printer), most of the people in the office were pressured to finish everything early… Continue Reading →

HGTV Week 3- Inside a Board Meeting

This week was the busiest one yet in terms of hopping around the city.  In addition to learning and working on new tasks and projects in the office, I had to utilize subways and taxis every day to purchase project… Continue Reading →

HGTV Week 2- Edit, Copy, and Managing Editorial

After an eventful week with HGTV involving having two of my ideas chosen to be featured in a September article, the lifestyle director complimenting my creative progress to the executive editor of the magazine, helping out with my first photo… Continue Reading →

Redbook Week 1- Learning the Lingo

I’m excited to be able to intern with Redbook/Good Housekeeping/Woman’s Day on Fridays because it will give me an opportunity to have exposure to more editorial work.  These three magazines (plus a couple others..) work together in the same office… Continue Reading →

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