On to Hyderabad

On to Hyderabad

On Wednesday, my time in Delhi came to an end as I boarded a flight southwards to my new home in Hyderabad. The cool breezes and occasional rains are a welcome shock to the system. There is so much nature and greenery everywhere I look, and the air is refreshingly unpolluted. The past few days have been jam packed with orientation activities and social events as my fellow students and I get settled.

I’m loving the group of other students here. We are only ten people, which means we have already gotten to know each other well. Rooftop yoga sessions, karaoke nights and ethnic arts and craft sessions have helped us bond.

Having been mostly with Indian people for the past two months, I was a little nervous about being part of a group of Americans. However, everyone is either very well traveled or has an adventurous spirit, and it’s really cool to see a fresh perspective on all the things that make India unique.

The first major decision I’ve had to make is whether I want to do a home stay or to put up in the international house. At first I thought the international house was it, but I’m beginning to reconsider.

To help me decide, I tried to think about what I want to get out of this program. I came up with…

1. Learning Hindi
2. Engaging myself in the local community
3. Doing some sort of independent project, either an independent study or something less formal, that relates to my business major
4. Keep up my blog
5. Meet Indian people

The host families actually don’t speak Hindi, but commuting every day would open up more opportunities for conversation than staying in the international house would. Considering my desire to meet Indian people, I think having a family to help connect me would be optimal since I found it quite challenging to make Indian friends ‘from scratch’ in Delhi.

You can probably tell which direction I’m leaning in now!

Until next time…