Welcome home! (Catullus 9)


The difficulties and risks of travel in the ancient world add depth to Catullus’ joy on the return of his friend Fabullus from Spain, says Kristen Carmen, and make this poem a moving celebration of friendship.┬áCatullus 9, read, translated, and discussed by Kristen Carmen.

Verani, omnibus e meis amicis
antistans mihi milibus trecentis,
venistine domum ad tuos penates
fratresque unanimos anumque matrem?
venisti. o mihi nuntii beati! 5
visam te incolumem audiamque Hiberum
narrantem loca, facta, nationes,
ut mos est tuus, applicansque collum
iucundum os oculosque saviabor.
o quantumst hominum beatiorum, 10
quid me laetius est beatiusve?

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  1. latin-poetry-podcast Said,

    May 17, 2012 @ 2:40 pm

    Nice intro. that really draws the listener in! Your translation and Latin reading are also excellent.

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