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10 Things I Noticed About “The Man Who Dreamed Of Faeryland”

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  1. Yeats references 4 different places situated in Ireland throughout this poem. In each stanza, the speaker of the poem is in a different location in Ireland. The places referenced are Dromahair, Lissadell, Scanavin, and Lugnagall.
  2. At each location in the poem, the speaker of the poem appears to be reminiscing on a different part of his life that had taken place before his death.
  3. He capitalized the word “Time” in the first stanza of the poem
  4. In each stanza, the speaker appears to be trying to peacefully die but he keeps remembering things from his life
  5. In the first stanza, the speaker appears to be recalling a past lover when he says “his heart hung all upon a silken dress”
  6. In the second stanza, the author is recalling past issues on money, cares, and fears which could allude to the issues that Irishmen face in times of oppression and British colonization.
  7. In the third stanza, he is thinking about the people who have mocked him but the nature around him comforts him and drives his anger away.
  8. Yeats uses many metaphors and other figurative language throughout the poem. Ex: “and midnight there enfold them like a fleece”. “It seemed the sun and moon were in the fruit”. “Before earth took him to her stony cage”.
  9. In the last stanza, the speaker appears to finally be finally peacefully dying until little worms come out of the ground
  10. Yeats uses rhyme scheme and cadence throughout the poem


  • I am so interested in the fact that we wrote completely differently about the same poem. You’ve noticed story and Yeats’s prioritizing of Irish culture in the poem, which is analytical and means you’re already thinking in essay form! I also really appreciated your first note that Yeats physically propels the poem by shifting the location with every stanza.

  • I think that noticing that he mentioned four separate locations within Ireland was a great observation because the reader can see that the speaker is focusing on the whole of Ireland, not just one part.

  •   Alexis Wiggins
    September 11th, 2017 at 1:19 am

    I like how you did a bit of summary/ analysis of the overall important part of each stanza. This shows that you really took time to think about the poem and analyze it. Also, its funny you mentioned the worms, I was noticing when I was reading the assigned poems how often he includes them!

  •   Professor Seiler
    September 12th, 2017 at 1:05 am

    Nice start to the blog here, Baylie. To begin to move, as Charlotte suggests, toward essay form: how would you connect the specific place names (on which Phoebe concentrates in her comment) to the title of the poem?

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