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Gretta’s View

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When the song had finished, Gretta looked around the room in search of Gabriel. She had seen him dancing with Miss Ivors earlier, and noticed that he had become agitated during the conversation. Gretta had seen Gabriel like this many times before. He straightened his shoulders, held his head a little higher and he puffed out his stomach, rather like a rooster in a barnyard. She knew he got uneasy when he thought he was losing control- control of what she did not know- and she also knew, as per usual, a mood would follow the incident.

Finding Gabriel in a remote corner of the room next to Freddy’s mother, Gretta made her way towards him. She was hoping to discover what had made him become so agitated, and quell his arrogance before he let it distract him all evening. She reminded him that his aunt’s wanted him to carve the goose later for everyone at the dinner.

“All right” he replied curtly then asked if she had been dancing. Irritation flickered in her eyes. Gabriel rarely noticed where she was or what she was doing at social events unless he needed something from her.

“Of course I was.” she replied then casually asked what Miss Ivors had said.

“no” he retorted, “did she say so?”

Knowing she had made a mistake, and that further questioning would only agitate him further, Gretta tried to change the subject. She commented that she wanted Mr. D’Arcy to sing, but Gabriel ignored this and went on grumbling that there were no words with Miss Ivors, only that she wanted them to go on a trip to West Ireland but he said they wouldn’t.

This caught Gretta’s attention. She was born in West Ireland and her family lived there still. She suddenly longed to visit them, and became so excited she clapped her hands and gave a little jump.

“Oh do go, Gabriel” she cried excitedly. She knew he was not found of West Ireland, nor did he like to remember that his wife herself had come from there, but he must give in this time, Gretta thought, if he knew how she longed to go.

She was wrong. “You can go if you like,” he retorted coldly.

Gretta froze and looked at him. She wondered how he could be so unfeeling. She did so much for him, tried so hard to please him. She had left her home and her family to marry him, and had not been back to West Ireland since then. The irritation in her eyes flared into fury at his heartless refusal. But Gretta knew that she could not be rude to her husband directly.

She turned to Mrs. Malins said “There’s a nice husband for you, Mrs. Malins” and left him sitting in the corner of his room, nursing his pride.


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  •   Professor Seiler
    October 11th, 2017 at 8:24 pm

    Lexie–this post does a great job of bringing out Gabriel’s fragility and–especially–Gretta’s requisite attention to him. Can Gretta be rude to her husband “indirectly?”

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