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Here’s Freddy!

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There’s no way to show up to a party than late, fashionably late! I drunkenly stumbled into the home of Miss. Kate and Miss. Julia- I’m not sure why such elderly women use Miss- and entered into a roaring round of applause. Because i am the life of the party, I expected such reception: a piano ringing in the background, cheering uncontainable by the bannister and couples exiting the ball room by the dozen to note my arrival- what a splendid greeting this was. After standing unrecognized for several seconds, I turned around and set my sights on home, but a young girl called Lily welcomed me to chat with her as I “appeared to be the first guest worthy of paying any attention to.” So we sat in her closet and chatted. She told me of her time in school, the conditions of her work and an interesting interaction she had with Mr. Conroy earlier that evening- I was assumed by his foolish. I told Lily a joke about how Gabriel and I was once great friends, until we went drinking one evening and he soiled his pants and embarrassed us. After that we no longer partook in drinking together and Gabriel began to despise my drunkenness. Lily erupted into laughter and tears of amusement trailed from her sullen eyes. Noticing that soberness was near for me, I snatched a bottle of whiskey from Lily’s shelf and inhaled it. Soon after, Gabriel bursts into the room and snatches me by my collar; I left sad Lily in laughter and was whisked away with Gabriel to have a serious talking to.



  • I think that you have really been able to capture the tipsy/drunk feeling that Freddy evokes as he enters the party. I also feel that changing the passage to first person really helps the reader fully get into Freddy’s character. It was also great that you added a friendly moment that Freddy has with Lily, I feel that it brings attention to the fact that Freddy can cheer Lily up after Gabriel has upset her. It shows quite a lot about Freddy’s character.

  • This was a great point of view to take as Freddie is a prominent character because of his bold personality. However, it is almost as if a shadow is cast over him through most of the story by Gabriel, who is the narrator. As Gabriel’s personality is egocentric, this brief snippet from Freddie’s point of view offers a unique window into what might be happening off scene and away from Gabriel’s influence if so ever briefly.

  • You chose an excellent title for your post. I found it quite accurate how Freddie finds Lily to be a could conversational partner. The way he mocks Gabriel in his story doubles as a take on Gabriel’s insecurity in the story. The other possibility that Freddy’s might have a more vain side of “I am the life of the party” seemed to fit.

  • Quadrese,
    Your post was both entertaining and humorous to read and I think it understands Joyce’s portrayal of Freddy in its exaggeration of his persona as “the drunken Irishman”. I am intrigued by Freddy’s first person narration here, as he arrogantly recognizes his own reception by other guests as the life of the party! I also think it is interesting that Lily is interacting with/ amused by Freddy’s relationship to Gabriel. This re-writing of the dinner party gives a voice/personality to two characters who seem to be representatives of larger systems in the story, rather than real characters with their own thoughts.

  • This writing really makes Freddy come to life in a way that enables a much fuller understanding of his personality as well as his role among others. What I really appreciate about this post is that you’ve created a moment of joy between two of the “outcasted” characters that is based off of their criticism of Gabriel. It also ridicules Gabriel in a way that we don’t at all see in the original “The Dead” since we are grounded in Gabriel’s perspective.

  •   Professor Seiler
    October 11th, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Quadrese’–just adding to the many great comments here to say: 1) fantastic title! and one that sounds as if it’s “spoken” by Freddy and 2) along with Olivia, I dig your reimagination of the interior life–and humor–of this caricature Irishman. Well done!

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