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In Lily’s Point of View

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I suppose it may have been too much to tell Gabriel’s wife multiple times to be delicate with the pudding and to serve it with grace. She may think I’m just as much of a loveless freak as Gabriel thinks I am. But this is the life I lead and I somewhat enjoy tending to Miss Kate and Miss Julia’s needs. It was necessary to tell Mrs. Conroy how to serve the pudding for the sake of my reputation.

While she served spoonfuls of pudding, I helped passed them down and occasionally would go around and clear the table for the guests. I moved the celery from the center of the table closer to Gabriel since the strange man refuses to eat sweets. I glanced at him, hoping he would look back in a different way he was seeing me before, but he did not notice me at all. He did not notice anyone. The poor man was in his own world, in his own head. He must have been rehearsing his speech in his mind.

I didn’t want to seem disrespectful, so I refrained from any natural reaction to the conversation circling the room. I think it’s a waste of thought to talk about monks. Although their way of living is rather amiable, I find it undesirable to talk of someone who doesn’t share the same social status as myself. The comparison is inefficient. Although maybe not in this room. Every time Miss Kate and Miss Julia hosts one of these grand suppers, it is always around Christmas time, the time when the atmosphere is most happy. Despite this, there always seems to be a wind of sadness that blow in every direction, entering every home and moving through every being. So maybe the monks would thrive in this room as we all carry the sins of one another.

Once the pudding, almonds, figs, chocolate and others were sorted around the table, I returned back to home-base by the staircase and watched for the first person to finish their dessert. I couldn’t help gazing at Gabriel from time to time. He always looks so uneasy to me. I thought to maybe offer him some tea, but he has an air about him that doesn’t seem to ever want to bothered. I watched him in his anxiety which made me a little uneasy too.

The time was approaching when all the conversation would die down. Miss Julia offered the table port and sherry which I got preparing right away. I filled Mr. D’Arcy’s glass with port and proceeded with three more glasses before everyone was had their share. It then became quiet. Gabriel abruptly pushed his chair back and assumed a position of superiority and high intelligence. The patting of the guests’ hands were softly thundering around the table which ceased any sound but Gabriel’s irregular breathing. His hand on the table cloth were making small creases and his smile was fleeting and forced. He looked up at the chandelier before staring over the heads of the guest. I moved out of his preferable vision as he began…

In the point of view of Lily. Pages 74-76, the build up to the Gabriel’s speech.

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  •   Professor Seiler
    October 11th, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    Chelsea-Mia–great post! You’ve afforded to Lily an independence of mind of which “The Dead” gives us a hint, but on which it doesn’t elaborate. Plus, you’ve got this great mobility of vision among the other characters, but always coming back to a confused-compassionate view of Gabriel.

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