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Miss Ivors’s National Irish Conscienceness

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Molly Ivors is a very interesting character in “The Dead” as she acts as a kind of national Irish voice that stands up to Gabriel.  According to her point of view, Gabriel must be someone curious to her as he acts awkward around her yet is married.  In a way she acts like a coquette, putting her hand on his arm (456) and seeming to enjoy herself with him.  She seems to think of Gabriel as someone to play with, as she tells others about her conversation with him (to Gabriel’s chagrin) (526).  Ivors also senses a sort of anti-Irishness about Gabriel when she accuses him of being a “West Briton” (495).

I think that Ivors represents a sort of national Irish view toward Gabriel, and her impression of him as someone pro-English instead of pro-Irish serves as an underlying tension throughout the story we read.  Her being an unmarried woman gives her an air of independence and confidence that Gabriel finds threatening.  Nevertheless, Ivors does not seem to be at this party out of some sort of duty, but simply to enjoy herself as a strong and entitled Irish woman.

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    Peter–aha! Now I see why you were asking about revising the blog post. By all means do if you’d like to experiment creatively with animating Miss Ivors!

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