Thursday, October 5th, 2017...10:53 pmBrian Nickless

The Dead from Miss Ivors

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Miss Ivors found herself paired with Mr. Gabriel Conroy, a fortuitous occurrence as she had recently discovered something about him that piqued her interest, and displeasure.

“I have a crow to pluck with you” she let on a little, not enough to fully play her hand as she would like to see the man worry a little first.

“With me?” Gabriel said curiously

Miss Ivors nodded her head, a bit dramatically to add weight to her soon coming revelation

“What is it?” asked the man, smiling a little hoping she was joking with her overly dramatic nod of the head

“Who is G. C?” she said, answering his questions with one of her own. She shifted her gaze to meet his fully to put the intended weight behind her words

The man colored and feigned confusion at her words

“O, innocent Amy! I have found out that you write for the Daily Express. Now aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” She said, her criticism fully laid bare for the man to sweat over

‘Why should I be ashamed of myself?” the man asked with a forced smile on his face

‘Well I’m ashamed of you. To say you’d write for a rag like that. I didn’t think you were a West Briton.” The final two words she made sure to deliver with a sharp undertone.

She watched the man blink and force a smile before muttering something about reviews and lack of politics. Proud with how their little exchange went she took his hand

“Of course I was only joking. Come, we cross now.” She said, how much of the truth she was telling with her last statement even she wasn’t fully certain of.


  • Brian,

    I like the strength that you instill in Miss Ivors here–we get a fuller sense of the degree to which she’s teasing and taunting Gabriel, and the rather unremarked but obviously important clause early on (“her displeasure”) shows a rather integrated idea of political opposition into social discourse that I think helps to illuminate how political Joyce’s fiction is.

  •   Professor Seiler
    October 11th, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    Brian–I’m with Noah in appreciating how you emphasize Miss Ivors’s strategy in baiting Gabriel, and the deliberate escalation of her provocations about for whom he’s writing, about whom he’s writing, and what he’s writing. Well done.

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