Monday, December 4th, 2017...10:38 pmBecca Stout

Response to “An Evening with Solmaz Sharif”

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“An Evening with Solmaz Sharif” was a wonderful opportunity because her writing is absolutely fascinating. Listening to a poet read their own work is always interesting because they emphasize different words than I would reading the same poem. I particularly enjoyed Sharif’s reading of the letters that she wrote because she changed her voice intonations to make it seem like the letters contained full sentences that were partially censored as opposed to just random words on the page. Whereas I had read those letters to try to find a message in the words she left on the page, she was more concerned with showing the silence of these interrupted thoughts. In addition to her talk, I liked her question and answer portion because of how open she was with her answers. She was brutally honest when answering questions such as when she claimed she does not cope with the suffering she and her family have lived with because of their heritage. Overall, I really enjoyed the event and found a new book of poetry to add to my (albeit fairly small) library.

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