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Final Anthology Paper

I want to base the subject of my anthology on the idea of conflict within the Celtic revival and the Harlem Renaissance, and primarily how this conflict influences the two movements.  I first got this idea when thinking of the group … Continue reading

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In her response to the questionnaire put forth by McKible and Churchill, Anne E. Carroll describes her experiences teaching the Harlem renaissance to high school juniors. She explains how while teaching the Harlem Renaissance as a modernist movement is not particularly … Continue reading

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Esther Popel Shaw Papers

Before we looked over the life and works of Esther Popel Shaw in class, the only aspect of her life that I knew was that she was the first African-American woman to graduate from Dickinson College. What surprised me the … Continue reading

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What is Cane?

To me, Cane is more than a collection of short stories and poems. It is a collection of stories that define the life and times of African-Americans in the early 20th century. It is a period piece written while the period … Continue reading

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Gretta, Entrance to the Morkan’s Estate

A light snow was falling from the sky, illuminated by the two large lanterns hanging above the entrance to the Misses Morkan’s estate. Gretta wiped the flaky powder off her shoulders as her husband knocked twice on the large front doors. A … Continue reading

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Humor in Act 1

One moment I found humorous in Act I of The Playboy of the Western World was the closing lines of the play. Widow Quin tries to seduce Christy, and in failing that tries to drive him away from Pegeen. Following this dramatic … Continue reading

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Notice 10- To The Rose upon the Rood of Time

 The rhyme scheme is AABBCCDD… The first line in the first stanza repeats the word “Rose” three times, and the first line in the second stanza repeats “near” three times The first and last lines of the poem are the … Continue reading

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