Hanging Up the Lab Coat

I am very sad to announce that my internship came to an end last week.

I have learned so much about the different techniques I was using as well as the different careers and the workplace environment in a lab such as CIHR.

My favorite part of my internship is what most people hate most about research… when things go wrong. I have really enjoyed all the problem solving that I have done this summer. I have spent countless hours researching online, speaking with coworkers, and designing and executing experiments to figure out what was going on with my project.

I have (almost) successfully finished making the vector that will be used to insert the sgRNA into the final parent vector. This is something that a previous researcher really struggled to do. I was able to do it, however there are small mutations in the sequence that I am still trying to research whether they will have deleterious consequences or whether I need to go back and redo everything I did this summer. It wouldn’t be too difficult to do this as I know the process that works and the techniques that are used.

I also was able to catch multiple mistakes that were made by the original researcher who was working on this project. I have ordered new DNA primers to fix these problems so that someone is able to take over the project in the future.

It has been such a pleasure interning at CIHR and writing this blog. I can’t thank my supervisor and the Center enough for their support. Of course none of this would have been possible without the help of Dickinson’s Career Center through their internship grant program. Without the support, I would not have been able to afford having this wonderful internship!

Thank you to all for following my adventure!

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