Introduction from Todd

You guys will posting your thoughts and tips for Civ IV here.  I’ll try and leave comments for any questions.

For Civ IV starting off:

  • Explore and meet as many other civs as you can.  If you’re the peaceful type, this will allowing technology and resource trading, which is key.  If your foreign policy is let’s say rather aggressive, having a map of your enemies’ cities and resources is a big advantage during war.
  • Try to build up to 4-6 cities rather quickly.  Every city should be defended by an archer at least.  Two to three units once you get into the classical age.  Large empires are expensive to maintain, so don’t expand like crazy.  You should always be able to maintain 80% of your money towards research.  Any less and you’ll fall behind your rivals.
  • The first thing a city builds should not be a settler or a worker since that stunts population growth, which is vital for increasing a city’s production.  Every city should have something that produces culture (an obelisk after you discover Mysticism) and a library (after you discover Writing).
Good luck

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