The Fine Print

Who am I? Hi/Salve/χαίρε/Ciao, I’m Claire! I’m a soon-junior at Dickinson College double-majoring in Classics/Educational Studies with a certificate in Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship, which means I’ve had the chance to take classes touching on everything from Stoicism to special education to sustainability in business (and I love it!). In my free time, I’m probably journaling, biking, reading, messing with Photoshop, listening to a weird and wide array of music, or tagging my friends in every classics meme on social media. You might not know me, but if you go to Dickinson, there’s a good chance you know my hammock.

What am I doing? This summer, I’m interning in Rome for six weeks on a Development team with the Paideia Institute, a nonprofit organization growing appreciation for classical humanities and languages and making them more accessible to others. Paideia is most well-known for on-site programs which actively teach ancient languages to high school and college students–I’ll be in Rome at the same time as Living Latin, and I’m planning on swinging by as many spoken Latin activities as possible! I especially love that Paideia has programs for students from all walks of life, from online courses to networks for classicists outside academia to elementary school activities. I’m going to be working on projects involving digital marketing, fundraising, and event planning, all while watching my two majors converge in some really fantastic ways.

What are my goals for this summer? Some of the goals which I plan to expand more on in a certain Internship Notation Program assignment (due very soon) are:

What can you expect from this? Probably nothing profound or earthshaking. No professional photography. Entries ideally twice a week–though this already seems to have fallen through. But I do hope to post about internship tips (especially for other liberal arts majors); connections to what I’m studying; and the sometimes joyful, sometimes confusing, always sweaty day-to-day experiences of navigating this beautiful city. Also, for family reading this: continued reminders that I have not (yet) been hit by a motor scooter!