Welcome to my blog! My name is Cléo Tarashev and I am student from Switzerland visiting Dickinson for a month!

I will be exploring the American Liberal Arts College Experience for my school project

When Jimmy McMenamin first told me that I would be interviewing people and summarize it into a blog I wasn’t really thrilled by this idea. I had never done an interview and I had no idea how to create an interesting blog. Now it has been three weeks that I have been here and I can tell that the interviews have become the highlights of my stay at Dickinson College. Thanks to them I was able to talk to a lot of different people that were all passionate, caring and happy with their position at the College. Since I interviewed people that work in different fields and departments I also learned about the multiple options and opportunities Dickinson has to offer. One aspect that was very heart-warming and that I could see in every person I interviewed was the energy and attention that they give to their students.