Blanket’s Response

I noticed that Raina and Sarah seemed to have a lot in common when it came to neglectful parents. Raina mentions running away with Craig and Sarah at one point in the novel in order to get away from her life. I feel that Raina’s desire to be a mother to Sarah stems from her desire to free Sarah from a life similar to Raina’s. It also stems from Raina’s desire to be loved and given attention as well.Raina and Sarah

亜細亜化の仕方(The way of Asianization)

This comic displays my perspective on Adrian Tomine’s Shortcomings, and his commentary on racial and cultural identity. One focus of the novel is how the protagonist Ben loathes his own Asian identity, and desires to be white. This is largely viewed as a stigma. However, Leon, who Miko leaves Ben for, is in a way exactly the same. Ben tries to embrace American (white) culture at the expense of his own ethnic and cultural background. Leon, from what we see of him, also does the same. The self-loathing desire to be someone else exists in everyone. Note: the overlap on the middle two panels is entirely intentional. Page_1

Comic Response – Black Hole


In my comics response I wanted to explore the idea of how the “bug” was also an exaggerated allegory for puberty. I tried to look at the idea of how the mutations caused by the bug exacerbated the idea of high school tensions and divisions. The image of the tadpoles is used to represent transitions that occur during adolescence. The images around the tadpoles emphasize the idea of transitioning. I then paired the text that Chris says toward the end of the novel, with images that show the division between those who hav the bug and those who either don’t have it or don’t show as much.