Katja Novitskova’s Earth Potential : Becky Deihl


In her show Earth Potential, Katja Novitskova pairs together the micros and macros of science. They aren’t quite photographs. The images she used were taken from scientific articles, since she wouldn’t be able to get a good picture of Earth from orbit. These images are between six to eight feet in diameter, blowing up the micro-organisms and shrinking the celestial bodies. By doing this, Novitskova brought these images to a level where we can understand them more, since we can’t see many of these with our naked eyes.

These images work together to show how life can be viewed. Seeing a hydra, a regenerative creature thought to be the key of immortality, placed on top of Venus, the fiery planet lacking life, shows how the idea of life has changed and how we could one day be living on different planets. Earth Potential goes beyond what we know as life here on Earth, taking it to different planets and different ways of creating life, like genetic engineering as mentioned in the article.

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