Susbstance: Rebecca Murtaugh- Adya Zecha

Yesterday evening I attended Rebecca Murtaugh’s artist talk where she was able to go more in depth about her work. What interested me the most were her ideas behind her organic sculptures and the ways in which she attained her desired final outcome. Murtaugh’s strangest way of sculpting is beating the clay with a paddle until the form changes, leaving it looking textured. Her reasoning behind this method was that as an artist, there are times when she would walk into the studio feeling angry and scared and her first reaction was to use her clay as somewhere to focus that energy and although there was no deep spiritual or political message, the message of her technique speaks of where she is as an artist and her everyday emotions, which is where her piece really becomes a direct translation of her as a human. Her work was beautiful, using old recycled whimsical colours which abstracted the organic forms in a truly eye catching way.

Murtaugh’s exhibition was a collective group of organic forms which workedll together, aided by her selection of geometric tables and shelves which worked well in order to contrast against the soft lines of her sculptures.

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