An Artistic Approach to Becoming a U.S. Citizen – Amanda Dobbin

After looking at the New York Times arts articles for quite a while, I came across an interesting article about how there is a program set by the New-York Historical Society that uses art in order to help people who have green cards to pass and prepare for the naturalization test to become US citizens. The authors of the article, Christoph Fuhrmans and Scott Blumenthal, go into depth about the process it takes to become a US citizen. First, one has to be a green card holder, then submit a 20-page application, be fingerprinted as well as pass an oral exam all about American history. With this, an interactive program was created in order to help green card holders to pass the exam. This program includes artifacts, documents, and art from the museum’s permanent collection and also covers the questions on the exam. This program makes people eager to learn and has helped a lot of people in the past. This exact program really inspired me because it once again showed me that contemporary art does not have to fit within the confined borders of paint on a canvas. Additionally, I liked this type of work because it helps not only the artist but the American community and global community.

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