Jeff Koons & Snapchat: Adya Zecha

In this day and age, Snapchat as a social media platform has become the most popular form of communication along with Facebook and Instagram. Jeff Koons collaborated with Snapchat in order to create an augmented reality- where Koons’ iconic sculptures, such as Balloon Dog, are virtually placed in different locations so that Snapchat users are able to virtually see his creations.

I think that this is an incredibly interesting concept because it allows the greater public to be increasingly involved with the art world and gives them the opportunity to be more aware of popular artwork. I am excited to see where this concept goes and if it is successful, I hope to see more artists work being publicised on such a major social media network, and hopefully start to include more obscure and lesser known artists work as well.

It would also be interesting to see concept this develop into more than just sculptures and expand into murals and even performance art.


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