Lindsay Deifik: Recent Works – Becky Deihl

As a senior, it’s always so helpful now to hear artists talk about their processes. Lindsay Deifik was no exception last night. I really enjoyed the process she explained for two of her fabric prints, how the pattern she had made on them was, in its original real-world form, it was intended to protect, but now as fabric, it would be useless for that purpose. She works with anxiety in her works, relating to the current world happenings. She talked, in particular, about her amphora images, how they were filled with the ‘caution orange’ of modern times and how they relate the Roman Empire to the present day nuclear war worries. The orange was even painted in the shape of a mushroom cloud, which pushed the connection even closer.

It was also interesting to hear how she worked with anxiety in her art, but when she’s creating the art, Deifik isn’t anxious. Even so, she captures that feeling so well.

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