Shanghai Art Fairs – Becky Deihl


In her article ”International players vie for a slice of Shanghai”, Lisa Movius on The Art Newspaper talks about two art fairs about to open. The two fairs are Art021 and West Bund Art & Design in Shanghai. This is the fifth year for the fairs and everything is completely booked. Artists from all over are planned to be shown, not just those from China.

This article caught my eye considering we’re going to see a giant show on Chinese art in just a few days. It’s somewhat like an art swap in a way, since western art will be shown over in China at the same time. As the article on the Guggenheim show said western viewers only think of Ai WeiWei when they think of Chinese art, so having various western artists on display during this fair might show Chinese viewers that there are more artists than maybe Jeff Koons or Damion Hirst, or whoever they think of.

This article also shows how art has grown in China. “This is our first time to have the Shanghai Exhibition Centre fully booked,” Kelly Ying, the co-founder of Art021, told Movius. It had been happening for years but it’s just now full. More galleries are trying to get in and show work, as well as more artists are trying to get a spot to show. In this western artworld where art is just everywhere, it’s amazing to hear that art is finally having a strong presence in China.

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