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A green…comedian?

Just when I thought I had seen everything “green” in Durban, I witnessed a comedy stand-up routine with climate change humor.  Mark Sampson is a South African comedian that has dedicated his life to environmental activism and comedy.  Originally from England, Mark has found his niche in Cape Town, South Africa as an eco-warrior, activist, and humorist.

It was definitely a breath of fresh air to hear Mark’s thoughts on climate change.  So many aspects of the negotiations are dismal and pessimistic; it was great to laugh about climate change, for once.  His ideas ranged from making fun of crunchy dreadlock-wearing, tofu-munching, eco-warriors (which he identified with, not too long ago), to laughing about the release of methane into the atmosphere.  Mark Sampson spreads his laughter throughout South Africa and Europe to encourage people to find a happy medium between being an eco-warrior and driving a hummer.  He claims that doing your part to combat climate change is simple and guilt-free.

Who knew that global climate change could be so funny?

Check out Mark Sampson’s Facebook page:

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