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What do Apartheid, COP17, and Poverty Have in Common?

What do Apartheid, COP17, and Poverty Have in Common?

By Timothy Damon ’12 The answer: South Africa. Apartheid and COP17 may both have ended, but the effects of racism still continue to this day and climate change has only begun to manifest its seriousness. Poverty and unemployment, old problems, yet reign, as does the constant impact from HIV/AIDS.  It was against this backdrop that I experienced South Africa during the three weeks of our Mosaic. It was a trip that has left me with much … Read entire article »

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  As many know, developed countries such as the United States, have been the primary emitters of Greenhouse Gasses (GHG) and are often accused of causing global climate change.  This may be so, but pointing fingers will only get us so far.  What we need to look at going forward is how to mitigate the problem of global climate change and where the future emissions will come from.  With more and more countries trying to make the move from “developing” to “developed”, we are bound to see a slew of industrial revolutions and thus a significant in GHG emission from countries that currently produce the smallest amounts.  How do we prevent these increased emissions while still allowing these developing countries to prosper?  Sustainable development! One problem, sustainable development is expensive, far more so … Read entire article »

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