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Research Progress/Day Trip to Cologne

As the last days of my internship draw closer, my research project is proceeding in its last stage. Recently I learnt how to translate the results from excel forms into variables in the statistical software SPSS and make comparisons to discover fluctuation trends of different values. Based on the outcomes, I will start to write up my very first research report to reflect on my discoveries on the effects of the global financial crisis in the years 2007 to 2008 on various banks in German speaking countries. In preparation, I borrowed a master thesis in the business department from my mentor so that I can have some ideas for the structure and content of scientific reports. I believe that this exercise will also be very helpful for my future studies.

Last week there was a sudden rise in temperature and humidity was high, which is typical for summer weather in Muenster. I fell sick for quite a few days. There are lots of drugstores where basic medicine is sold and the most prevalent store is the Apotheke.

Over the weekend I went on a day trip to Cologne with some of the other Muenster intern students. We bought a group ticket for the return ticket and it allowed us to take any regional trains in the Nord-Westfaellische area. Despite the commonly held assumption for German punctuality, our experiences with the railway system has not been so promising so far. While the morning trains tend to be fairly on time, later ones are frequently running behind schedules, which can be troublesome for short transfers in between. Thus, I would suggest checking out other possible route and schedules in advance and purchasing a flexible ticket for anyone planning to travel in Germany by train.

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The landmark of Cologne is the Koelner Dom which stands right outside the train station. Observatory and cable cars are located on the other side of the Rhein river and offer a general view of the city.

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