I have just completed my fourth week as an intern at Crossroads Campaigns.

Since the start of my internship, I have begun to start to feel more comfortable in the work environment and with the people I am working with. My days vary constantly, which is something I was looking for with an internship. I didn’t want it to be the same old stuff, day in and day out.

My days could include errands for the various staff members, emails, and work for the several clients that CCS represents. There are countless tasks that I take part in during the course of my work day and each day is something exciting.

One other plus of this job is that I’m located at the heart of DC. Thanks to Dickinson College and the generous donors at the school, I was given a stipend to help support me during my summer in DC. This stipend has helped me cover the cost of housing and food and has allowed me to not have to constantly worry about whether or not I have enough money to feel comfortable during my time in DC. Given this comfort that I have, I have been able to explore DC on the weekends and familiarize myself with the amazing sites around me. Last week, someone asked me for directions, an indicator that I at least gave off the air of knowing my surroundings. This was an incredible feeling and I am beginning to feel like a native both at my job, and in the city. Although this is not my photo, I have explored this area of DC quite a bit and I am very fond of it

June 21, 2019

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