Week 2!
May 30th, 2013 by danettem

This week has been really engaging at PANO. After my three day weekend filled with lots ice cream and marshmallow everywhere (because my second job is at an ice parlor and we open Memorial Weekend), I started the week Tuesday morning at a staff meeting. PANO has a staff of about 6 people which meant the staff meeting was very open and everyone was involved. All staff members had a voice which is so different than a traditional staff meeting I had pictured in my head. But that is what an internship is for, changing your perspective on curbing your assumptions. After the board meeting, I was invited to attend another meeting of the West Shore Chamber of Commerce Non-Profit Committee. On the agenda was discussing their annual nonprofit event. It was interesting because they had perspectives from both the for-profit sector and the not-for-profit sector and the goal of the event this year was to forge relationships between the two. After all the meetings concluded I had been tasked at the end of last week with locating and updating the Legal Checklist for the Standards of Excellence®. When I was going through this list with Jenn, we had noticed that several of the links did not work and needed to be updated. That job became my task for the next several days. It was more extensive than originally thought because we encountered a technical issue where the hyperlinks on the PDF weren’t working but would function within the word document. Then we discovered there was some missing information on the Affirmative Action policy and I had to do some digging and contact the point man on HR at PANO. I had a great conversation with him, he even tried to recruit me into the Army. Who knows, maybe I won’t have to live in a cardboard box after I graduate after all! This week I am really enjoying the work I am doing, I completed some more lit and web reviews, made edits on a policy paper and even got to eat  some pizza at a goodbye luncheon. I am excited to continue my work next week and see what there is in store.

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