Week 4
June 18th, 2013 by danettem

Okay, so I know this is a bit late but I had a very busy week last week, I was given plenty of projects some of which are carrying over into this week. But I promise to not forget this week, so I’ll be on double duty with blogging. Last week like I said was very busy. Probably my favorite project has been working with Jenn on the new Executive Director search. It’s exciting to learn about the candidates and be involved in this process. That project has been decently extensive so I’ve been spending a lot of my time on it, and the project will most likely extend the next few weeks, for as long as PANO is still excepting applications. This week I also was able to expand a few of my other skills as well. I had to contact a list of people who had signed up for an IRS tax workshop for nonprofits and double check that they received the message that the program had unfortunately been canceled. At the end of last week (well two weeks ago) I had been given a project to revamp a PowerPoint presentation and make it a little more snazzy looking. I had completed that project, which was actually quite fun because I could be creative and work on some presentation skills. Tish gave me some really positive feedback on the work I did and asked if I would do this to more PowerPoints. These are pretty extensive PowerPoints so it will give me plenty of things to do in my down time.  There were a few other small things I completed this week from printing and scanning PDFs to helping organize information that has to be mailed out to all of the PANO members as an annual reminder. Again, there was another staff meeting this week with a bit more of a pointed focus on a topic called the Pollyanna Principles. This ties back to the webinar I watched a few weeks ago with Hildy Gottieb because she espouses these principles and suggests to implement them in the nonprofit world. This week looks like it is going to be just as busy but I am excited for the challenge and I’ll let everyone know how it went at the end of the week.

On a side note, I have been looking at where I might want to go after this internship (which I would claim is the purpose of an internship: to help guide you in a direction of potential future employment) and it’s interesting all the possibilities. I know I have always wanted to travel and there is a potential yearlong internship with a nonprofit called Soccer without Borders where I would get to be a team leader at their campus in Kampala, Uganda. That would be amazing, I don’t know that my mother would agree but I would love it. Oh these are the things I explore and think about in my down time.

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