It’s a bittersweet time
August 19th, 2013 by danettem

I can’t believe I am in my final week of my PANO internship. It is insane how quickly this summer has gone by. I know that my posts these past few weeks haven’t been a list of my projects that I have been working so I’m going to give you an updated list now as I start wrapping up my final projects.

After completing the PA nonprofit sector infographic, I was recruited to complete a communications audit of all the touch points PANO sends out to members whether it was their welcome packet after becoming a member to renewal notices. The main theme that was discovered was the lack of consistency in benefit language. Often times descriptions of services were not clear, or they were worded differently in the various publications. I was able to assist Lauren on drafting some new benefit language and helping organize benefits in a more concise manner.

Intermittently I have been spending time working on updating PowerPoints for Tish. She uses these PowerPoints for webinars and trainings and she asked me to make them more visually friendly. These were rather time consuming as each presentation have 20-30 slides usually and formatting them could have its problems.

Next I started working on a project that future interns will have to complete. The IRS each month updates a list of all of the new 510(c)s that have registered in the US. They have it listed out by state, and each month PANO is looking to compile a list of these new nonprofits and send them a welcome letter inviting them to join PANO. My task in this was to figure out how to access the list, create a list of applicants, write up a set of instructions, and then develop a letter that was going to be sent out. It was a really great project to work on and certainly something I will be placing in my portfolio.

There have been other smaller projects as well such as updating the CEO search list, creating some graphs for Tish to use, writing a blog post for the PANO blog, and created a list of potential gift items for new members.

Needless to say, I have been kept quite busy these past few weeks at PANO and I am quite sad to be leaving (even though I depart for Germany in 11 days.) The staff here has been nothing but wonderful, inviting, encouraging and helpful in so many ways. This isn’t my final post so I can’t get to sentimental yet but I am so grateful for the time they have given to teach me this summer.


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