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The End

It is hard to believe that my internship in D.C. is done. I have grown and learned a lot about myself while interning in Congressman Cicilline’s office. Between lockdowns, sit-ins, days when constituents would not stop calling, and days when I hand delivered 250+ thank you notes in all three House office buildings… no two days were ever the same.

I made connections this summer that I never would have had the change to make elsewhere. I attended a Dickinson Networking Event while in D.C., and met other alumni who had staff assistant and scheduling jobs in other offices. They told me that starting as an intern was a necessity, and some of their most amazing discoveries happened when they had the time to still explore the Hill. I discovered that maybe instead of working in a Congressional office, I would do better in political consulting, or fundraising. Or maybe, I just loved the atmosphere of D.C., young people passionate about politics, and driven in their fields, but not all the same. I was able to see both sides of D.C. while living in Foggy Bottom in GW housing, an opportunity made possible by the Dickinson Internship Grant that I received. I saw the student side, many were taking classes and juggling part time jobs at restaurants. I saw my fellow #dsoninterns balancing the never ending nightlife in D.C., and their internships in media relations, finance, and the non-profit world. It made me ever so impressed at the type of person Dickinson attracts. I am able to surround myself with hard working, interesting people, who may come from a different walk of life, but know how to relate to just about anyone. My classmates impress me every day in Carlise, and even more so this summer in D.C.

Because of this summer, I will seriously consider looking at jobs in D.C. But I also think I am better equipped to end up in any city. I can figure out a metro system, cook myself a mean pot of pasta, and most importantly, show up to an internship where the only common ground might be the state we hail from, and still make an amazing and fulfilling summer out of it!

I thank Dickinson, my parents, my sister and my friends for this experience. And I look forward to sharing my experience when I am back on campus.

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