Chaplain and Student Leaders

Fr. Tiburtius A. Raja



Fr. Raja is from the Diocese of Chengai, in India, which is a new diocese bifurcated from the Diocese of Madras-Mylapore, where Saint Thomas the Apostle is buried. Ordained in 1996, he has served as the director of the Media Apostolate, first Youth Director and first Rector of the minor seminary in the Diocese of Chengai. In addition to his clerical work in India, he is the co-founder of Star Light Communications, Star Light Leadership Center, and Star Light Charities, all in India, which  help young boys and girls in their education and development of their leadership skills through various productions, provisions, and programs.

In the Diocese of Harrisburg, Fr. Raja has served as parochial vicar at St. Leo the Great in Lancaster and St. Theresa in New Cumberland. In 2019, he was assigned to Saint Patrick’s and Dickinson Catholic Campus Ministry (DCCM) in Carlisle as Parochial Vicar and Campus Minister.

A fun fact about Fr. Raja is that he is a musician who plays several instruments (including the piano, which he has played on for some DCCM members), and he has recorded some music.


Aidan Birth ’21



Aidan is the current president of Dickinson Catholic Campus Ministry (DCCM). He is from Queens, NY, where he attended Catholic schools, including one of the few remaining high school seminaries in the country, Cathedral Preparatory Seminary. At Dickinson, he is a religion major with a possible philosophy minor. In DCCM, Aidan serves as an altar server and as sacristan, and he also served as secretary in the 2018-2019 school year.

Outside of DCCM, Aidan works in the Center for Spirituality and Social Justice (CSSJ), which functions as the central religious life office on the Dickinson campus, and he is a member of Dickinson Christian Fellowship (DCF), which is Dickinson’s InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter. He also spent two and-a-half years in the Montgomery Service Leaders (MSL) program, through which he worked at Community CARES, the local emergency homeless shelter.

A fun fact about Aidan is that he is a drummer.


Tatiana Ulloa ’22



Tatiana is the current secretary of Dickinson Catholic Campus Ministry (DCCM). She is originally from Quito, Ecuador, and she is currently a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major at Dickinson. In DCCM, she has served as an usher and sacristan.

A fun fact about Tatiana is that she dances classical ballet


Jack Cimino



Jack serves as the current Treasurer of Dickinson Catholic Campus Ministry (DCCM). He is from Chester Springs, PA, and he is a Neuroscience major with a Japanese minor. In DCCM, he has served as an usher and lector.

Outside of DCCM, Jack participates in the Neuroscience Club, Gaming Club, Japanese Language Table, and Pre-Health Society.

A fun fact about Jack is that he has been to Japan three times.

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