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A few weekends back I was lucky enough to have three of my friends from Dickinson come visit me in Philadelphia! Here’s how the visit went!

On Thursday night, I drove to center city to pick up my roommates Caitlin ’20 and Kat ’20 from the train station. I parked and patiently waited for them to find my vehicle among the tall walls and other cars. They eventually spotted my car and hopped inside we drove back to my sisters place in Mt. Airy where I made them some homemade pizza and went to sleep.

Friday morning we hopped on a train to Suburban Station and visited Love Park. It was the first day of Pride month and there was a magazine photographing a couple in front of the small LOVE statue. The park is nice, equipped with seating, fountains and even PING PONG TABLES. We played for a few minutes before realizing ping pong was not our calling and started walking.

Next, we visited Reading Terminal Market, which is A DREAM for food lovers (and who doesn’t love food?). This market originally opened it’s doors in 1893, it still exists as a great location for food dealers and farmers to sell their goods. After walking around for some time, and nearly getting lost in this maze of tasty eats, we decided to sit down at a Pennsylvania Dutch deli counter and order some sandwiches. I had the special, which was a massive cold reuben complete with cole slaw and thousand island dressing – two things I typically do not like that went together perfectly on this sandwich. Completely stuffed, we really needed to get up and do some more walking.

After taking a detour through Chinatown, we headed over to old city to see the Liberty Bell. We had no intentions of going inside, just plans to look through the glass, but when we got there, admission was free and the line wasn’t very long. Since Kat is a huge history geek and we were feeling pretty touristy, we decided we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity. The bell was really large with a big crack down the side just as expected.

Tired and sweaty from the 90º heat, we walked back to the station to board the next train back to Mt. Airy, having a quick run-in with Ellis ’20 on the street. When we arrived back home, a third Dickinsonian, Abby ’20 was there to join us for the rest of the weekend!

That evening we got some delicious food from Biryani Bowl Indian Cuisine! It was Caitlin and Kat’s first experience with Indian food, and they really enjoyed the Butter Chicken, one of my favorites. 

The next morning we went to one of my favorite places to eat in Philadelphia, the South Philly Barbacoa! This gem is nestled in the Italian market, in a teeny tiny mosaic building – they hardly have enough room for all the people who want to eat there! Inside, on weekends they offer a full experience complete with soup to start, handmade tortillas, tons of great toppings and smoked pork and lamb by the kilo. Though, we had to be sure to arrive early (we got there around 9AM, but they open at 5AM!) to make sure they didn’t sell out, and to beat the afternoon rush. Truly the BEST tacos I’ve ever had.

After stuffing ourselves, and taking some leftovers for the road, we walked off our meal and headed uptown to the Franklin Institute! If you’ve never heard of this place, I would best describe it as a curious person’s dream. This is an interactive museum that explores almost any and every branch of the scientific world – from astrology to biomedicine to physics, this place has it ALL. My friends and I met up with recent grad, Liza ’18, and let out our inner nerd for a seriously exciting time (even for the non-science majors)!

Our time together was quickly coming to an end and we had to go our separate ways. We took one last stop at Goldie, a small falafel place right off 16th street. This place has the most fabulous vegan shakes on the planet. Made with tehina, the shakes have a sort of nutty taste and come in several flavors such as, coconut, turkish coffee, original and chocolate chip mint. Everybody was happy with their choice, mine was gone within 5 minutes!

Overall, I had a great weekend with my fellow Dickinsonian’s! Seeing them made me a little sad that I won’t be on campus in the fall but, I know I’ll have a blast studying abroad in Turks and Caicos.

Myself, Kat and Caitlin ’20 at the Franklin Fountain
Small Abby, Big City
Kat ’20 and Caitlin ’20 at the Franklin Fountain

 Abby ’20 at South Philly Barbacoa 

Reading Terminal Market 

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