So, We Have a Newborn Giraffe On Our Hands

Today is a VERY special day, as the zoo’s newborn giraffe, Beau turned one month old! In celebration of his first month on earth I decided to dedicate a post him!

About two weeks in to my internship, my supervisor had some very exciting news for us interns: Our oldest female giraffe, Stella, was showing signs of late pregnancy! Though the zoo staff could not confirm this because Stella wouldn’t stand still enough for the veterinary staff to do an ultrasound, she was incredibly round, and common zoo-goers were starting to ask questions. We were told explicitly to not discuss, especially on social media, the possibility of Stella’s pregnancy and not to confirm any of the guests questions. Zoo staff and interns were also told to be on the look out for what we were referring to as “a sploosh” in reference to the protocol we should take if Stella’s water was to break while we were around.  Of course, there was quite a buzz around the intern office, as we were so excited to be on baby watch for a new member of our zoo family! It felt super cool to be let in on a not so little zoo secret, and it was super exciting to be on “sploosh watch”.

A week or two went by, and we were finally informed that we were able to discuss the possibility of Stella’s pregnancy, but only while at the zoo. The guests were excited, and some who had visited in past weeks were happy that we were finally confirming their suspicions. Soon after, on June 10th, Stella gave birth to a baby boy, Beau, who stood 5 foot 7 inches and weighed about 150 pounds at birth! This information was only to be shared at the zoo with guests, as the family, Gus (father), Stella (mother), Abigail (first born) and Beau (second born) were taken off exhibit to adapt to their new family member!

Conveniently, we officially announced Beau’s birth on World Giraffe Day, June 21st! He had access to his outdoor exhibit during this time, but only a few lucky people got a chance to spot the cute little guy because mom was being incredibly protective. As giraffes are prey animals in the wild, their young are incredibly vulnerable to predators. Stella was just being a good mom! Most guests were very understanding of the situation, especially mothers who had little ones of their own! Over the past few weeks, Beau has made occasional appearances in the yard, he is very curious and loves to practice running laps around his yard!

Below I have a collection of photos of Beau and family, and one of me on World Giraffe Day holding a Beau-sized stuffed giraffe!

World Giraffe Day!

From left to right: Abigail, Beau and Stella

Baby Beau!

Video of Beau Running!


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