Delta Nu
The movers and shakers of Dickinson College since 1971
Our History
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The first Delta Nus.

The sisterhood of Delta Nu was founded on October 8, 1971 at Dickinson College. Prior to this date, the sisterhood was the Delta chapter of the national sorority Chi Omega. Our chapter wanted to offer bids to women of minority status, however our national organization did not permit us to do so.

We vigorously fought to change these discriminatory policies. Chi Omega refused to alter their policies, so, we as the Delta chapter decided to return our national charter and form a local sorority. To represent this change, we kept the name “Delta,” and “Nu” was added to mark the formation of a new sorority—thus Delta Nu was born. We adopted new symbols and ideals. And most importantly, we were finally free to determine members of our sisterhood—regardless of race or religion.

We are a group of women that encourages each of its members to express and further develop their unique talents. Our lasting traditions and individuality make us the Sorority of Delta Nu.

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