Fall 2015 Bike to the Farm

I’ve biked to the college farm many times, but I have never ridden in Bike to the Farm. This distinction is important because, while I follow the same route, my rides are usually by myself or with a friend not with the entire vibrant biking community at Dickinson College. That means that this Fall will be my first time organizing Bike to the Farm and also the first time I’ve participated in it. This biannual event is a celebration of the gorgeous farm, the Carlisle area, and bringing together all members of Dickinson . Each direction of the ride is a meandering seven miles through cornfields, quiet neighborhoods, streams, and views of the big sky. The route offers faculty, students, and staff an opportunity to see a side of Carlisle that is not always evident within the Dickinson bubble. Five groups of riders will depart Kaufman parking lot at 11 A.M. on Saturday October third, with a faculty and student ride leader guiding each group to prevent any lost bikers from biking to Gettysburg.

Once all five groupsBike to Farm Potluck have arrived at the farm, all those burnt calories will be instantly replenished and more, with a delicious potluck. Part of participating in Bike to the Farm is bringing a communal meal (that will be driven to the farm, no balancing pies on your handlebars) to be shared by everyone. This communal meal reinforces the sustainable and cooperative values that Dickinsonians pride themselves on. Once everyone is amply full, riders will bike back to the farm or based on their ability, hitch a ride back.

I’m very excited to share the fun I have while biking with the rest of the Dickinson community. Registration is available at dickinson.edu/biketofarm, and riders of all abilities are encouraged to sign up. If you need a bike, limited numbers of red bike are available for loan, just specify on the registration form. This is sure to be a highlight of the Fall semester!