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Thanksgiving is a time for stressed college students to return home, stuff their faces, do their laundry, and hug their dogs. It also marks a turning point before the snow begins to fall and down jackets are required for a walk to the mailbox. An iconic Thanksgiving event are Turkey Trots, short road races meant to bring together family and the community. However there are also plenty of Thanksgiving day bike rides, which can be a great way to reconnect with your lonely bike and your family.

For the many students in the DC Baltimore area, there is a fun ride in Reston, VA that is open and free for all.

The bicycle club of Philadelphia also hosts a longer ride for biking families. Scroll down to November 26th for the details.

For mountain bikers there is a Thanksgiving day ride planned at Jacobsburg State Park in Easton PA. Check it out

For Dickinsonians heading home to the West coast, Bikecal has many rides being sponsored Thanksgiving day. Most are in Southern CA and a pretty advanced level.

There are many more group  rides out there, and if you can’t find one near where you live, go with your friends and family! Through exercise you can justify any amount of food you will stuff into your face later.

One thought on “Thanksgiving Bike Rides

  • Mark

    I live north of Milwaukee Wisconsin along the lakefront and am looking to start a Thanksgiving Day “Turkey Trot” bike ride this year. I came across your website. Thanks for the inspiration! My first ride might be a rider of 1 (me) but that is how it all gets started! 🙂

    Note we already had our first snow of the season – pretty rare for even here! But then it will warm up to low 50’s and rain by Thanksgiving. Nobody promised it would be easy riding in the North in late November! 🙂


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