Bike to the Farm Potluck Spring 2016

Unless every class you’re in assigned a midterm, paper, and presentation this week, chances are you’ve been outside and felt tIMG_7766-1024x682he unseasonably warm weather. Britton plazza is full of students eating their lunches, Morgan field is a hub of frisbee throwing, and all across campus bikes are zipping by. Spring in Carlisle is one of the best times to be a biker and this semester is proving that. A highlight of every biker’s semester is the Bike to the Farm Potluck ride (B2F). This year B2F will be on Saturday April 2nd. Riders will meet in the Kaufman parking lot at 10:30 AM and depart the farm at 2:15 PM. The riders will be broken up into five groups of varying speeds, so everyone can enjoy the biking at whatever pace they are most comfortable with. Vans will accompany the riders and carry everyone’s potluck dish, as well as have first aid supplies on hand. After arriving at the farm we will indulge in homecooked dishes, throw frisbees, and play with the assorted animals.

Ask anyone who has been before and you will find that B2F is a amazing experience. This event connects two of the most vibrant sustainability initiatives at Dickinson in an interactive healthy way. Faculty, staff, and student riders of all backgrounds and experience levels are invited to come. There are a limited number of red bikes available for anyone who needs a bike, these are an option when you register online. Pre-registration is required and is found at We ask that everyone going bring a reusable plate, cup, and silverware to go with their dish. For more information check out the registration link or email


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