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Brunch at The Handlebar!

Just imagine…you’re hanging out at Dickinson’s bike co-op chatting with friendly people about bikes while eating delicious hot pancakes and freshly brewed Utamsi coffee. Well, you don’t have to imagine any longer, because on December 4th, 10am-12pm, that’s what’s happening! Please bring a suggested donation of $4 for Brunch at The Handlebar, all proceeds go to The German Club and The Handlebar.  

The Handlbar Grand Opening

Location: The Bike Room in the Davidson-Wilson residential hall. Accessible from Dickinson Walk, running between the Kline Center and the HUB Time: Oct. 27 from 3-5 p.m The Handlebar, Dickinson’s newly established bike-repair shop, will be celebrating its grand opening. Come over for light refreshments, a quick tour, and/or a light repair on your two-wheeled wonder. The Handlebar is located in the former, bike room in Davidson-Wilson. For more information: 717-254-8199 Contact:  

Why Bike?

  1. For Your Body Riding a bike offers many health benefits such as increased cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance and flexibility, endurance and stamina.  Fresh air and exercise are critical to your health, and biking can be a workout by itself or an addition to another routine. 2. For Your State of Mind Riding a bike is a proven stress reliever. Regardless of if you are riding purely for pleasure or for a specific purpose, you will arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, energized and Continue reading →