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Meeting Minutes April 24, 2018 Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting Notes

Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting Notes  April 26, 2018    .  .  .  In Attendance   Cody Rosenbarker, Sustainability Learning Coordinator  Lindsey Lyons, Asst. Director of the Center for Sustainability Education  Ken Shultes, Assoc. VP of Sustainability/Faculty Planning  Sam Waltman, Biking@Dickinson Intern  Alyssa Gill, Transportation Coordinator   Joe Fazio, Lieutenant/Asst. Dir. of Public Safety  Mark Scott, Director of Grounds and Landscaping    Updated Summary     The Handlebar   The sandbags outside the Handlebar are on facilities’ radar to address  Pumps will be maintained through work order requests  Remember to bring your bikes to Handlebar open hours and bring your family!  Green Bike Continue reading →

New Bike Pumps!

This past spring there were some new and exciting biking developments done on campus… namely new bike pumps! Thanks to Student Senate and the CSE Biking Interns, there are now five new bike pumps on campus at the HUB, High Street crosswalk, Adams, Denny, and DW. Want to know where all the pumps are plus a lot of other cool biking stuff? Check out this super cool map of biking infrastructure on campus– it shows where bike racks, facilities, pumps and repair stations, showers, lockers, Continue reading →

Summer Biking @ Dickinson

Hello all! We’ve had a busy summer so far here at CSE. We’ve done a bunch of projects and have a lot more work to do before the summer is done. A lot of the work we’ve been doing has been focused on biking or beekeeping. Here are some of the projects we’ve been working on and general happenings related to biking. 1. Biking everywhere! My apartment mates and I are lucky to all have bikes on campus and they’ve been so helpful for getting around Continue reading →