Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg

You know, it’s recently occured to me that I haven’t given Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg enough time or space on this blog. It’s a wonderful organization and Ross Willard, who runs the show over there, is a phenomenal person. I’ll start with the most pertinent information. Ross sends out emails every week or two with shop hours and updates. Here’s his most recent, from today: The Bike Warehouse will be open: Saturday  Feb  25      9 am to 11 am Monday   Feb  27   Continue reading →

Volunteer Day TOMORROW eek!

Last chance to join us for the Handlebar Volunteer Training which is tomorrow from 1-3! Email me at Check out this awesome company: Electric Pedals Seven (a record number) people went to Recycle Bicycle last night and picked up a number of bikes to fix up! Also, we are starting to have some rehabbed bikes available for those of you who are dreaming of cruising around Carlisle on two wheels. If you’re looking, let us know; we don’t sell bikes but we do “earn a Continue reading →

Cole’s Bicycles, The Pink Mechanic

Hello everyone, Sorry for the late info on this but I just got the details about an exciting event happening tonight at Cole’s bike shop! Cole’s is hosting “The Pink Mechanic,” an evening devoted to women and their bikes. They’ll be going over basic fix-a-flat stuff. Best of all, it’s FREE! You do have to register, though ( Either call or email them to sign up (info on the website)! Enjoy!   Daniel

Recycle Bicycle this Thursday, 2/23 and Volunteer Training this Saturday, 2/25

Hello out there cyclists!   Just wanted to give a quick heads up that a small contingent of Dickinson community members will be heading to Harrisburg this Thursday (5:30-8:30) after the normal Handlebar hours to visit Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg. This is a great opportunity for you if you’re in need of bike, in need of learning to fix bike, or just in need of getting off campus and getting your hands on some tools. Please send me an email if you’re interested: Thanks!   Continue reading →

Surprise: Weekend Handlebar Hours

Hey everyone! Last night I went with Mike Johnson down to Michaux State Forest to do some night mountain biking. If you’ve never seen that before, here’s a video to give you an idea what it’s like: Crazy! We even had that cool sountrack. It was muddy, chilly, and I broke my chain right at the end of the ride but it was still a good time. If you’ve never been mountain biking before and want to give it a try (doesn’t have to be Continue reading →

Tandeming Back to Back and other Crazy Bike-Related Videos

Okay, so today I have a variety of ridiculous and incredible bicycling videos to brighten your life. So, without further adieu and for your viewing pleasure:   First, here’s a short clip of two dudes tandeming back to back: Tandems I can’t quite figure out how the gearing on this works. Any ideas?   Now, for the square-wheeled bicycle: SQUARE WHEELS!   Third, an interview with a guy who rode his custom built PENNYFARTHING around THE WORLD. A revived piece of history: AWESOME   And finally, a series of Continue reading →